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 GoDs Black ops lobbies ~CLOSED~ (360)

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GoDs x XeNoN
GoDs x XeNoN

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GoDs Black ops lobbies ~CLOSED~ (360) Empty
PostSubject: GoDs Black ops lobbies ~CLOSED~ (360)   GoDs Black ops lobbies ~CLOSED~ (360) EmptyMon May 23, 2011 8:41 am

Hey TTZ shooter
For all u Black Ops gamers we will have BO lobbies open NOW shooter
not alot of the 15th lobbies will be free shooter
Probably 5 free lobbies every 3 months depending shooter
u will get shooter
Lvl50-15th prestige shooter
all challenges shooter
as many CoD points as u desire shooter
ALL GOLDEN GUNS! wave shooter
17 infections to choose from shooter
(360)1 free lobby has been hosted shooter
P.S. The more you Donate the more free lobbies there will be shooter
MOD MENU shooter
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GoDs Black ops lobbies ~CLOSED~ (360)
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